Peter Walker

, 19 Feb 2013

From the date of purchase of my investment property, Toni Tsirkas, of Lets Talk Property has been our property manager. I have found Toni to be very competent, responsive and diligent. This combined with her straightforward manner has made my life very easy.

Since acquiring the investment property we have embarked on a process of overhauling the building. This has included significant painting, landscaping and fencing. Throughout this process Toni became our trusted right-hand, gathering sifting through quotes and overseeing the works.

From a revenue point of view, Toni manages our rentals and rent review perfectly. The rates seem very attune to the market with reviews timely and nobody gets behind. We have also had very few errant tenants, compared to some of our other properties, so I trust in her vetting processes.

We have a number of properties both residential and commercial in both Melbourne and Sydney. The management of this property could have been complicated by me being from interstate but so far it has never been a problem- I believe this can be attributed directly to the good work of Toni.