, 27 Feb 2013

My Name is Naj. I have tried leasing my property in the inner west 'privately' in January 2012 biggest mistake ever!

I had what seemed to be a nice young couple that moved in this property. they were very well spoken, had a full time job and had some decent goals in place for their lives. So I thought "PERFECT" I will give them a try. After 5 weeks they stopped working then rent was not getting paid!! Eventually another 2 months passed where they utilized every excuse possible to not paying their rent, by this time we were owed $2700! 

After this I thought I will never put myself in these stressful situations.

So this is when I decided to look for a property agent! I thought to try "Let's talk Property".

They were by far so easy to deal with! My experience with them was very pleasant, they were competitive in the market with their fees, punctual and they under promised and over delivered!

For me personally it was a great achivevement to see Property Agents like this these days.

My property was leased out so fast than previously and most important of all they found the Perfect Tenant for me!

I will recommend "let's talk Property to anyone that likes their life to be simple.